Sunday, March 3, 2013

Army of Two

     Little Ghost is now an army of two!   I've reached a point where I need and want someone on this journey and am happy to have a friend and decade long coworker join me.
Iceland is amazing. 

     We have just started scratching the surface of all of our big plans and I have to say...sometimes two is better than one, especially two ass kicking weirdos with a problematic work ethic.  Little Ghost the shop is getting an overhaul (much needed by the by), our new Mens Etsy shop is open, we've got a booth back down at the Portland Flea-For-All, our Womens Etsy shop is going strong and the handmade element that has been missing from the 'Ghost is in full effect!  The time is changing next weekend, Spring is almost here and I am so excited to expand this humble little business that started as a dream of mine and is now a full blown reality.  It still seems so unreal!
LGV shop display

    No matter how small I may set a goal it always has a way of growing into something that seems unattainable but that's how I motivate myself.  I would love to see us expand and continue to grow, to add more festivals to our roster and to have a studio space for our online work one day. For the near future I would love to see our local Best Vintage Store nomination turn into a win in the Portland Phoenix Best of Poll so don't forget to vote here!  We are also always in the market to buy vintage clothing and trinkets so if you have a lead for us send along an email to with a brief description. 

Until next time...happy hunting/haunting!  Here's a cat picture!

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