Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goodbye! Come Back!

Everyone who sells what they love is having a constant internal battle over whether to send something off to a lovely new owner or to add (hoard) it into their own collection.  For me there is the thrill of the hunt, the high of acquiring, and the satisfaction of making someone else's day by selling them something they love and that usually takes the sting away from saying goodbye.  Usually.

I've loved retro-kitschy-goodness since forever and I'm a sucker for vintage hats and old black and white photos.  Rachael has a thing for presidents (especially Teddy) and can recite them all in order...which is like the best party trick in the world if you ask me.  When things we really (really REALLY) love come into our shop you'll often find us staring googly eyed in their direction, mentally placing them somewhere in our house or outfitting them with our shoes and we'll probably say how much we want it between 2 and 26 times.  We'll take pictures of it and then more pictures...we'll show it to everyone who comes in and secretly will them not to buy it and try to rationalize keeping it or, at the very least, fostering it for a bit.  

Alas...we have to set boundaries and remember we are in this game to make a living and even if we don't get to keep all those amazing pieces we find we do get to spend a bit of time with them.  I listed this hat on Etsy after assuring myself I didn't need it and would never wear it and it sold within hours and I was seriously bummed out.  I just thought we had more time together.

I think about this hat way more than I should.

We just sold this adorable planter from our Flea-For-All booth this past weekend and I may have shed a tear or seven.  He was seriously one of my favorite things.  
Lookit this guy!

We have a really large framed Teddy Roosevelt pic out that I know is going to slay Rachael when he sells and I literally think about that oval train case I let go of over the summer once or twice a week.  I feel like allowing ourselves to keep everything we really (really REALLY) love is a slippery slope but there will be exceptions over the years I'm sure.  Sometimes the item makes it a bit easier by not being your size like this pretty lil' number in our Etsy shop....
Black Lace 80s Prom Perfection

All in all selling vintage is our dream come true and though the heartache of saying goodbye is real I truly do enjoy uniting an item with a new owner and it really does make me so happy to hear someone say how much they are going to love/use/cherish their Little Ghost purchase.  

Happy hunting to all you vintage sellers!  Happy collecting to all you vintage buyers!

Here's a cat!